movexx : The widest range of battery powered towing and manual handling solutions

  • At last an ideal drag machine

    Up till now it was no easy job moving shopping trolleys, hospital beds, industrial cars or roll containers full of cartons of milk, bags of garden earth, beer craters etc.

    Fortunately all of that has changed with the arrival of the Movexx T1000 a compact and ultra user-friendly dragger. The T1000 drags roll containers and other rolling objects simply and without physical effort from one place to another how bumpy or steep the route is.

    1. Battery Electric Drives are Non Polluting safe and clean
    2. Movexx Products are manufactured to comply with the most strict safety and quality standards and are Australian compliant
    3. Drive units are sealed and manufactured to European standards
    4. All components are protected from weather
    5. Units can be cleaned easily for use in hygienic conditions
    6. Batteries are sealed and suitable for use in confined spaces
    7. Movexx units are straightforward and instinctive to use
    8. Movexx units have no emissions, are quiet running and require minimal maintenance
    9. Our vehicles are designed to work up to an 8 hour day on level ground , or less if used on ramps up to 15%